Wednesday, October 06, 2004

jkipk, MVP 

 Well, the most unexpected thing happened.  The other day I opened up my email to find mail from MS, informing me that I had been selected as an MVP, for MSN.com.  Now that’s pretty cool.  To paraphrase MS, this is an award for recognition of contributions over the past year, and does not carry any obligation for the year forward, but of course it does.  I have always been impressed with the MVP program, and even though I found some of the MVP’s a little heavy handed I always thought that they did a good job.  So now I are one.

This post, obviously after quite a hiatus, is hopefully the beginning of a record of observations and experiences about the MVP year.  It is also a test post for posting to Blogger from within Outlook/Word, via Newsgator.

More soon..

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