Monday, February 09, 2004

Here's Mort
Installed Visual Basic.Net tonite, along with Office Pro 2003. I tried installing Office on top of 2003 SBE, and it went perfectly. Didn't lose a setting, but help>about reported Office Professional, and I now have InfoPath to play with, along with IRM and XML. I am really kind of excited about the .Net programming thing. I signed up for an Intro to Programming class at Highline Community College, 4 3hr classes for $169. I balked at signing up for the whole series, about $1200 worth, but I hope to get a little jump start with the Intro.

I'm glad to not have to reformat and reinstall, even though one is coming up soon with the beta testing. No matter what you do it is still a pain to get everything set up again. Actually the Save My Settings Wizard is really cool.

I am going to start directing this blog a little, to see if I can get a coherent flow going. I would like to represent myself as "interested new guy", in the Mort mold. I will be off now to investigate Mort a little, report back, and begin to use some linkages in the blog, as well as update the blogger page. Sad thing about Newsgator many times I never get to the blog web page, I just scan the article in Outlook.

More soon......

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