Friday, December 05, 2003

Of course nothing can stay the same for long. New attic configuration includes the ol 4gig hd with 98se pre-installed. Not a dual boot, or a "hard" dual boot, as in unplug the 4g and plug in the 60g with now just XP Home. Just a short term solution to some upcoming 98 testing, and then back to the full time 60g. Longhorn again? I'm looking for a reason to try it again, I've seen it and that's what I wanted to do.

In re-reading the last post, looks like quite a bit has changed. I did add a new case to Warhorse, and all is quiet(er). Temps are good, too. Just paid to use Newsgator. Not that I really like it that much, but it's convenient, and I don't want to start over (again) on collecting blogs. Favorites lately are John Porcaro and "Kase", a couple of MSers.

Found some good new Kniskern ancestry info, from Hank Z. Jones. More soon. Will be looking for some good historical maps, Europe in 1709. Should be fun.

Waiting for arrival of Office 2003 SBE. Once it's installed, then will be looking to make the Web Site plunge. I think I'll try a Publisher built site, just to both learn Publisher and to get up and running quickly.

I'll plan on getting more organized in general. Been learning a lot about Office, so things are coming together.

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