Saturday, November 15, 2003

Actually up and running for real for the first time. Dual boot of Longhorn 4051 and XP Home in the attic, XP Pro on the main computer, everything connected together, and all is well. LH burped a bit with the network setup, but I kept banging away and got it to go. Funny but the XP Home activation worked automatically without a hitch, even though it had been installed on a different computer only a few hours before. I think the 6mo window means you could install anew every 6mo without problems, although I'm not sure of that.

The main computer (Warhorse) is newly outfitted with 1.5g ddr and a 128mb GeForce 5200 video card, and so it's been running hotter. Installed Apple Quicktime and was watching some movie trailers, and it actually shut itself down - too hot. I cranked up the hsf and with the triple fans in the case going I can get cpu temps of 38c, but it's dang loud, and quite annoying. Looking to some more complete solutions. Might mean another trip to Fry's, and another credit card bump. Ouch.

I'm using NewDesk as an RSS newsreader, just to try out the technology and to keep up on Longhorn. Not real convinced that it's all that fun, but there are some interesting blogs out there. NewsDesk seems to be doing a good job of keeping them organized, but I haven't played with the configuration all that much yet.

Next up is to look to begin work on the KniskernProject. There does seem to be some interesting stuff going on in the Windows Update beta. Plan is to set up the XP Home boot as a beta tester, with the Warhorse as a KniskernProject machine.

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